Saturday, November 1, 2008

Senate Predictions

NC: Kay Hagan (D) replaces Liddy Dole (R).

Hagan had a slight but steady lead until Dole began running her "Godless" ad. Oops. Hagan surged by 3 points overnight.

GA: Saxby Chambliss (R) defeats Jim Martin (D)

While it would be sweet justice to see Chambliss beaten, I fear Jim Martin just didn't have enough in the tank. A shame--Martin is a man who would serve Georgia well.

KY: McConnell (R) defeats Lunsford (D)

This would have been a HUGE pick up, but McConnell has a solid machine in a very red state.

AK: Begich (D) replaces Stevens (R)

Begich was up 2 points when Senator Ted "The internet is a series of tubes" Stevens was convicted on 7 counts of lying, etc. Ted goes down the tubes, Mr. Begich goes to Washington.

LA: Landrieu (D) defeats Kennedy (R)

The Republicans best hope for a take-away this cycle falls short.

The Rest: Democrats all-- John Warner cruises to an easy win in VA; CO and NM each send cousins named Udall to DC; Max Baucus wins in MT, and Al Franken pulls off the win in MN.

Final Senate tally: Democrats 56, Republicans 43, Independent 1.

The Republicans will get one back right away when Joe Lieberman gets kicked out of the party.

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