Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Debate summary

...no smackdowns in the first 25 minutes: McCain in Deep Trouble at that point. Viewership and expectations are front-loaded, and this was the Night for mcCain to draw blood (or so they said).

Didn't happen early.

My fearless prediction: McCain supporters will be exultant, or at least call it a win: they heard what they wanted.

Obama supporteres: Same.

Snap polls: Will run solidly for Obama.

Net impact on the electorate: Little to none. If any, a slight bump for Obama.

UPDATE: The morning after...

CBS: Not even close, an easy Obama win.

CNN: See above.

...the assembled punditry on TV called it for Obama. Even Bill Bennett.

Day-after snap polls can be misleading, and the internals of the CNN poll seem to indicate they oversampled Democrats. However, the consensus was McCain needed to land a big blow to turn the momentum of the campaign around. He needed a clear, if not decisive, win.

He was beaten.

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