Saturday, October 11, 2008

Obama on his game

While the McCain-Palin campaign stutters and stammers and works up crowds in to a hate-filled frenzy, Obama quietly sums up his candidacy. From an appearence in Phlly:

"I was in a small town in Ohio the other day... this was two days ago, I was doing a bus tour about jobs, in southern Ohio, and I went to a town called Georgetown, in Ohio... probably has a few thousand people. We stopped by a diner -- I was with the governor there -- because I wanted a piece of pie."

He continued:
You got some pie? What kind of pie? You baked some pie? What'd you make? Sweet potato pie?...

Well, they didn't have sweet potato pie in Georgetown... so, we ended up, I had some coconut cream pie, the governor had some lemon meringue pie... and, the waiters there, they wanted to take a picture with me, because they said that the owner was a die-hard Republican... they said 'we're going to take this picture so we can give him a hard time.'

But right as we're taking the picture, the owner walks out.

He's got our pie.

And he says, he says 'Here you go Senator, here's your pie.'

I said, 'I hear you're a die-hard Republican.'

He says 'That's right.'

I said, 'How's business?'"

Here endeth the lesson.

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